Foreign companies setting up their Wholly owned Subsidiary in India

  • Blow molding global giant, Italy
  • Bio chemical global giant, USA
  • Hardware brand, Japan
  • Global E Commerce company, USA
  • Wine processing and Wine yard, Australia
  • Global Logistics, USA
  • Automotive Engineering plastic, Germany
  • Hair cutting salon MNC, Italy
  • Mall Management company, Singapore

Foreign companies setting up their liaison / branch office in India

  • Fire fighting Equipments, Germany
  • Shipping company, Netherlands.
  • Software, USA.
  • Telecommunication, Singapore.
  • Modular Office Furniture, Italy
  • Handicraft, Africa
  • Sea food processing and pulping, Australia

Non resident Indians who have/ intend to have investments in India

For Non resident Indians who have certain investments, property and bank accounts in India, we manage their financial affairs in India in its entirety as follows:

  • Monitor, record and periodically report on his investments.
  • Facilitate liquidation/lease of property through a top-notch property consultant.
  • Facilitate repatriation of sale proceeds of investment and property.
  • Facilitate repatriation of income from investments and rent from the property let out.
  • Complete banking and other regulatory formalities.
  • Plan his financial transactions to minimise his tax liability in India.
  • File income tax return.Devise a personal financial plan.
  • For Non resident Indians who intend to invest in stock market, property etc., we provide the following services:
  • Devise a personal financial plan.
  • Facilitate acquisition/ lease of property through a top-notch property consultant.

Non resident Indians who inherit assets in India

A NRI inherits assets in the form of investments, property etc in India and intends to either liquidate them and repatriate the sale proceeds of the same or manage the same in most tax efficient manner. We enable him to achieve these objectives by facilitating the clearance from income tax, RBI and other regulatory authorities.

Non resident Indians/ Non-residents who have / intend to set up a business in India

A NRI/ other non-resident businessman intends to set up business in India. We enable him to do so by providing the following services:

  • Develop an entry strategy and a financial model.
  • Liaison with financial institutions/banks.
  • Undertake location studies and recommend the ideal location.
  • Identify and evaluate potential partners including due diligence reviews
  • Arrange for complete set of regulatory approvals.
  • Arrange finance for the project by preparing a detailed project report and liaison with banks/ financial institutions/ joint venture partners.
  • Facilitate incorporation of a company in India.
  • Organise office infrastructure and manpower during the "in-transit period" of the start up or operate as a representative office.

A NRI/ other non-resident already has a business in India. Besides providing the entire gamut of financial and consultancy services, we operate as a representative office/ manage specific business processes.

Returning NRI

A returning NRI wants to retain/ disinvest assets (property, investments, business) acquired outside India and re-invest abroad the income/ sale proceeds thereof. We assist him as follows:

  • Facilitate clearance required under FEMA from RBI to continue to hold assets outside India.
  • Facilitate re-investment of sale proceeds of assets acquired outside India.
  • Plan residential status under FEMA and Income tax.
  • Plan tax liability in India.
  • Make fresh investments in business outside India.
  • Investment and business consultancy in India.

Emigrating Indian/ New NRI

An emigrating Indian/ new NRI wants to retain/ disinvest assets (property, investments, business) acquired in India and repatriate the income/ sale proceeds thereof. We enable him to do so as follows:

  • Obtain clearance required under FEMA from RBI to continue to hold certain assets in India.
  • Facilitate repatriation of sale proceeds and income of assets held in India.
  • Plan his tax liability in India.
  • Monitor, record and report on his investments in India.


We offer a wide range of financial and consultancy services to individuals, partnership Firms, companies and other entities. Over time, we have acquired experience of servicing diverse industries as follows:

  • Apparel and Textiles
  • Perfumes
  • Plastic moulded components
  • Mould making
  • Iron and Steel
  • Chemicals
  • Manufacturing toys
  • Electronics
  • Telecommunication
  • Infrastructure
  • Trading
  • Software
  • Banking and financial services
  • Entertainment
  • Travel, tourism and leisure
  • Education and welfare


Our professional regulations mandate that client names should not be displayed on the website. Further, as a matter of internal policy, names and references of clients are provided only on request and after obtaining client clearance to ensure confidentiality is not breached.

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